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Cleansing Essential

A daily care program for effective cleansing and make-up removal, which will ensure a gentle and delicate purification and a profound clarification of all the skin impurities, the Cleansing Essential Treatments are adapted to all skin types.

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Fresh Clarifying Foaming Gel

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Soothing Milk Cleanser

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Revitalizing Tonic Lotion

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Eye and Lip Make-Up Remover

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Vital-Refining Exfoliator

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Bellefontaine Anti-Aging Essential Treatments help to stimulate tissue cohesion, delay and correct the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, as well as regenerate the skin for more density and firmness. The anti-aging complex developed exclusively by Bellefontaine contains Buddleja Davidii plant extract. It has powerful antioxidant properties and helps to reduce inflammation, to fight efficacy the aging process.

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Rejuvenating Day Cream

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Nutrient Regenerating Night Cream

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Super-Lift Anti-Wrinkle Cream

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Ultra-Lift Neck Cream

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Nutri-Regeneration Mask

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Day Nutri-Plus

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Night Nutri-Plus

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skincare elixir beauty essence product

Elixir Beauty Essence

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Regain a porcelain-like complexion, reduce brown spots and counteract the effects of environmental influences. The Lightening Essential Treatments help boost luminosity and brightness thanks to a specific complex enriched with natural extract of seven plants from the Swiss Alps.

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High Protection Day Cream SPF 30

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Complex Lightening Night Cream

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Double-White Beautifying Mask

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Beauty-White Lightening Concentrate

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A good moisturization is the key to a healthy-looking skin. Suitable for all skin types, the Moisturizing Essential Treatments make it possible to maintain the water balance of the superficial layers of the skin in a constant, regulated and durable manner in order to protect it from external aggressions. Bellefontaine's special selection of natural hydrating ingredients, Imperata Cylindrica and Red Alga, maintain skin elasticity at its maximum level through high and long lasting hydrating effect due to their high concentration level.

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Clarifying Hydro-Mask

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Refining Serene Make-Up Base

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Moisture Renewing Mask

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Super Moisturizing Gel

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Multi-Active Essential Day Cream SPF 15

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Repairing Nutritive Night Cream

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Mixed and oily skins wishing to regain healthy-looking appearance have to focus on day-to-day simple gestures providing purity and balance. The Purifying Essential Treatments respond specifically to the needs of mixed to oily skin. The effective results are attained thanks to a range of exclusive products, which ensure purification, normalization and redefinition of skin texture.

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Oil-Control Normalizing Serum

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Anti-Black Head Deep Clearing Emulsion

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Refining Pores Minimizing Serum

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Serenity De-Sensitizing Serum

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Radiant Energizing Serum

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A purifying anti-aging and hydrating booster, created for combination to oily skin or unbalanced ones. Oil- free formula contains powerful purifying properties to regulate excess oil, renew the skin texture, remove impurities and helps to protect it from further oxidative stress, while refining the skin texture.

Purifying Beauty Essence

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Specific Treatments

To reach the perfection in the art of beauty care, Bellefontaine has created the Specific Essential Treatments which are declined 5 deluxe products. Adapted to all skin types, these highly concentrated treatments help to correct and protect the skin.

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Silky Dew – Moisture Supplement

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Anti-Oxidant Vit. C Drops

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Pearly White Perfection Serum

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Up-Lift Firming Golden Serum

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24 H Repairing Serum

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These innovative anti-aging treatments, developed with highly selected vegetal stem cells of Edelweiss, Argan and Alpine Rose, collected from the heart of the plant, have a direct effect on skin, by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, while preserving youth capital. The skin is renewed, rehydrated and plumped, wrinkles and fine lines are significantly corrected.

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Anti-Aging Caviar

Thanks to the Caviar, rich in natural proteins, minerals and essential amino acids, it improves the cell metabolism and the skin's moisture. Enriched with a cocktail of precious ingredients of Iris Isoflavones, Collagen, Silk and Gold Peptides, luxurious Anti-Aging Caviar treatments boost the production of collagen and elastin at the same time reinforcing the skin barrier against external aggressions. The appearance offine lines and wrinkles is reduced for a smooth, plump and firm appearance.

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Golden Caviar Collagen Eye Contour Mask & Golden Caviar Activator

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Pure Golden Caviar & Golden Caviar Gentle Emulsion

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Body Beauty Rescue

Quintessence of luxury and anti-aging effectiveness, Bellefontaine enriched its deluxe skincare line with the Body Beauty Rescue including 14 targeted products. A complete care line for body to preserve health and beauty of the skin and the silhouette at every stage of life.The Body Beauty Rescue Line uniqueness is based on a perfect combination of products efficiency, texture and specific active ingredients, and five personalized programs to achieve optimal and visible results. The Body Beauty Rescue Line uniqueness is based on a perfect combination of products efficiency, texture and specific active ingredients, and five personalized programs to achieve optimal and visible results.

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Suncare Protection

Protect the youth & beauty of your skin with the Ultra Suncare Protection. Thanks to its lightweight and easy to spread texture, this high protection sunscreen envelops the skin to effectively fight against damage caused by UVB and UVA sun rays.

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Ultra Suncare Protection Face Cream SPF50 PA+++

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Ultra Suncare Protection Body Emulsion SPF50 PA+++

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Bellefontaine For Men

The ultimate skincare regimen for fresh, comforted, radiant and revitalized skin, which perfectly responds to the daily routine’s demands of the modern & successful men. Five products enriched with a precious and powerful, unique and revolutionary complex, EDELGEN®, derived from Edelweiss grown on the peaks of the Alps. A complex particularly concentrated in flavonoids and tannins, giving it highly antioxidant and soothing properties.

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Luxurious Neroli Blend Shower Gel

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Energizing Lift Serum

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Intense Moisturizing Emulsion Gel

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Soothing After-shave Balm

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Bellefontaine - a synergetic bridge between science and nature.

Peter Yip - Founder of Bellefontaine Switzerland

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