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Peter Yip, a great esthete from an important Hong Kong family, grew up surrounded by art.   Since early childhood, Peter Yip grew familiar with the beauty of women by admiring the paintings of his father, the artist, Mr. Ping-Sum Yip. Their perfect harmony made him dream about eternal youth. As a result, he became interested in cosmetology.

Peter Yip had been living in Switzerland for more than forty years, and during this time he had won renown in the cosmetics world by establishing prestigious Swiss brands all over the continent of Asia. Passionately intrigued by the thousand-year old properties of traditional Chinese plants and fascinated by the wealth of flora that surrounded him in Switzerland; he was driven by a holistic notion: a global, total approach to beauty and youth.

“If only we could create the antidote to skin aging,” he often thought.  

A synergetic bridge between science and nature.  We would call it Bellefontaine, the spring left unaffected by time.”

And like a true visionary, he endeavored to conquer the anti-aging Holy Grail, by combining the most precious plants and their rarest essences.
He made an  investment in Swiss laboratories that housed the newest and most cutting edge technologies which enabled him to undertake long and ultra-sophisticated research programs.  This was what gave rise to EDELGEN® complex, an exceptional antioxidant and soothing formula that is contained in all Bellefontaine cosmetics.

“In Asian Medicine, to avoid illness
we stregthen the immune system”

Peter YipCEO and founder Bellefontaine


Bellefontaine innovates with the Exquis Golden Caviar. A deluxe concentrated set that is packed with high levels of antioxidants and rejuvenation elements to dramatically help the skin against free radical damage and to promote skin cell regeneration all while boosting skin immunity, fibroblast production and cell renewal.


Inspired from the richness of the natural resources of Swiss Glacier Water, minerals and plant cocktails, Bellefontaine Body Beauty Rescue Line combines the achievements of modern science with the strength of minerals and botanical plants.


The Suncare Collection is composed of two unique products, one for face and one for body. Bellefontaine’s Ultra Suncare Protection Products give an all-in-one solution, providing Sun protection and an Anti-aging action in the same product. It’s non-greasy and non-sticky texture gives a pleasing sensation of lightness.


A treatment from the heart of the plants, that allows your eyes to reveal their true beauty and youth. Associated with a unique soothing and decongesting complex, developed by Bellefontaine Research, this concentrated care, composed of plant stem cells, targets wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles to give all visible results and durable effects.


Rare and collected in the heart of plant, plant stem cells demonstrate surprising qualities and are able to infuse a tremendous boost of youth and life to skin stem cells.

The Argan tree, one of the oldest trees in the world, grows in the southwest of Morocco, where it has adapted to drought and extreme temperatures.

As a result, the density and firmness of the dermal tissue is improved leading to a reduction of wrinkle depth.


The last creation of Bellefontaine Cellstemine Line to compete the perfect skincare routine enriched in Alpine Rose Stem cells.

Cellestemine Night Renaissance Elixir reaches all its power at night, this particular time where the skin is permeable and that the active ingredients are the most penetrating and be assimilated.


The miracle of a healthy glow. A man among men, Peter Yip is the founder of Bellefontaine and knows all there is to know about the difference between the male and female epidermis.

With its light and sophisticated textures, Bellefontaine for Men has been targeted, designed and created to meet the sensory needs of the modern man.